Validating Investment Tool
for Advancing Life Sciences

Is a virtual smart machine which deals with forecasting and
investment analysis in the biotechnology industry.




To provide a detailed and accurate profile of the biotechnology industry.


To predict scientific and commercial developments within the biotechnology industry


To minimize investment risk and allow for smart, strategic investment

What we Do

Data parsing

There has been more data produced during the last 15 years than in the previous history of mankind. In order to filter through this overwhelming amount, we have developed specific methods for data selection. We use autonomous data spiders to hunt through the web for information that is specifically relevant to our projects and report that information directly.

Data Processing

Once this raw information is collected, it needs to be reformed into something more sensible. Data is classified into various categories and transformed into a format that is used by ou projects. Such processing must be done in a systematic way in order to ensure its versatility and usability.

Machine learning

After preliminary processing, predictive models are built using machine learning methods and data analysis. These models allow us to make predictions differentiating between promising and unpromising companies based on non-trivial patterns extracted from the vast array of raw data through the applied technologies of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Big Data analytics.


Our advantages

VITAL’s advantage is the enormous amount of data it draws from, including:

3 000

Public companies

60 000

Private companies

26 000 000

Articles from Pubmed

2 500 000


3 000 000


2 600 000

Grants from the NIH

400 000

Grants from the NSF

200 000

Clinical trials

30 000 000